Keep Dry Skin at Bay With These Simple Tips

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Well hell, it’s fall y’all!


As lovers of all things summer, we are saddened to see this season fade.


As lovers of all things natural, we welcome the natural cycles of the earth.


As the leaves begin to change colors, as they begin to fall off trees, it's a beautiful reminder to let go of the things that are no longer serving us in this next season. 


And one of those things is skincare products that may no longer work for you!


We would love to know, do you change your products as the seasons change?


As the air gets colder and crisper, our skin might start to get a little flakier and dryer. 


As we spend less time in the sun, our skin might lose a little of that summer glow. 


Supporting your skin through the change of seasons is a great way to help eliminate dry, flaky, itchy skin that might plague you during the colder months. 


During the spring and summer, we opt for lightweight oils.


During the fall and winter, we tend more towards heavier oils that will provide greater moisture for the skin.


For example, switching from a coconut oil in the summer to a coconut and almond oil blend or rosehip oil during the fall and winter months can benefit your skin as you add more moisture during the dry months. 


Incorporating dry brushing to help slough away dead skin cells, taking a detoxifying bath, and even setting aside time for whole-body exfoliation can all be incredibly helpful during these seasonal changes to keep your skin happy, healthy, and glowing. 


For a simple, easy to follow dry brushing routine, check out our post 3 Skin-Loving Routines to Add Into Your Day


As the weather turns colder, one habit we tend to amp up is a weekly detoxifying bath. 


Simple At Home Bath Blend

A simple bath blend you can make at home is using a cup of epsom salt and a few drops of your favorite essential oil for that spa feeling at home. Lavender is a great oil for deep relaxation, chamomile is great for calm as well, and peppermint is nice to help soothe aching muscles. 


If you are looking for the convenience of an already made for you bath soak, then look no further than our very own soothing bath milk. An absolute favorite here at Summer Glow Co., this luxurious soothing bath milk is sure to leave your skin feeling silky smooth.


Formulated with coconut milk, oats, dead sea salt, and chamomile to create a bath blend to moisturize, purify, and cleanse. 

Glow on.

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