Want Glowing Skin? Here Are 8 Must Do's To Keep That Glow

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Why does glowing skin matter?

For some, glowing skin is all about looks…that stunning, dewy, gorgeous glow that only seems possible for models and superstars... and for others, glowing skin is a purely a sign of good health. 

Regardless of why you want that glow, know that glowing skin is totally possible. And while perfectly flawless skin is not 100% attainable, there are simple steps you can take to get that glow, and keep that glow. 

Here, we outline our top tips for glowing skin.

Hydrate. We can’t emphasize this enough!

Staying hydrated by drinking enough water is crucial for the health of our skin and here is why; our skin is our largest organ and we need water to help cleanse the body of toxins.

If we aren’t able to push toxins out of the body, they can accumulate and show up on the skin via pimples, breakouts, rashes, etc. Keep your skin hydrated by keeping yourself hydrated.

A good rule of thumb is half of your body weight in ounces each day- keep in mind you might need more hydration after intense workouts or loss of fluids.

Cleanse your skin regularly. Cleanse your face upon waking, before going to bed, and after sweating!

Anytime you sweat, dirt, oil, bacteria and toxins steep out of the body and onto the skin. Make sure to wash that ish off!

When looking for a good cleanser, look for a product free from harsh chemicals, and one that is gentle and balanced to maintain the balance of your skin.

Apply a face mask 1-2 times a week. We love to use our detox antioxidant clay mask to help remove impurities, our brightening 2 in 1 to help with cell turnover, and our glow probiotic clay mask for, you guessed it, keeping that glow. 

Use satin pillowcases! Satin pillowcases can have huge benefits for your skin, from less creases on your face while you sleep, to less breakouts.

This is an incredibly easy swap with a lot of added benefits.

Use SPF to protect that gorgeous face of yours! Using SPF will help to protect your skin from sun damage, and lets face it, sun damage can lead to premature aging and no glow.

Look for a mineral, zinc-based SPF and avoid nasty chemicals as best as possible.

Remember that what goes on your skin gets into your bloodstream in a matter of seconds, so let's keep our skincare simple, clean, effective, and natural.

Eat tons of fresh, natural, whole foods. Our skin being our largest organ and is also an outward reflection of what is going on inside our body.

While greasy, oily, acne-prone skin can be genetic or hormonal, often, skin issues clear up when our nutrition gets cleaned up as well.

Avoiding fried, processed, and preservative-laden foods will have a direct effect on the state of your skin. 

Don’t forget your beauty sleep. Sleep is a MUST for healthy, glowing skin.

There is truth behind beauty sleep because without it, you will be more prone to hormonal fluctuations, and for all you ladies out there, you know what havoc hormones can wreak on our lives.

Exercise. Exercise is flat out good for you. Turns out, working up a sweat also helps oxygenate your cells and increase blood flow, helping you get a nice glow from the inside out. Sweating also allows our pores to open up which helps create a protective barrier against pathogens and bacteria.

Sweating literally makes you glow; just make sure to wash that glow off once you are done with your workout. 

Whatever your reasons for wanting that glow, remember that glowing skin is always in. 


Keep glowing!

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